What is Hustlerama?

Over the last 6 months, I’ve read many blogs, threads, and articles on Apporama, B

ank deals, and Credit cards. I feel there are more information I can share on the specifics and in-depth conversation of the big threes ABC. Instead of clogging those information on Hustlermoneyblog, I humbly introduce you to Hustlerama.

What is Hustlerama?


A collective information of Apporama, Bank deals, and Credit card bonuses.

Here, you will find the hottest bank deals or credit card bonuses. All the latest techniques and info on Apporama to keep up with the credit card companies. A plethora of reviews on banks and credit cards to help you maximize your money. Currently, I brought all the bank deals and credit card bonuses over to Hustlerama. You can expect to see the followings soon:


  1. A revision of the my Apporama Series 1 through 5
  2. More in depth discussion of the terminology from App-O-Rama
  3. Ways to keep your credit score high
  4. Methods to increase your credit limit from different issuers
  5. Latest info on fees and the effects of Apporama

Bank deals :

  1. Reviews of all the banks and their terminology
  2. Finding you the best rate with Checking or Savings accounts
  3. The latest bonus from banks around the country: Online, local, and national banks
  4. CDs, Treasury bills, and Money Market Accounts are also for discussion
  5. Affiliates, investments bonuses, and many more

Credit Cards:

  1. The hottest and latest bonus
  2. The best cash back credit cards available
  3. Reviews on all credit cards
  4. FAQ for all credit cards
  5. Credit card affiliates bonuses, playing the retention game, and updates on the latest promotion.

Those are just on top of my head right now. Hopefully, with your contribution, there will be more useful information on the subject matter. Feel free to subscribe to Hustlerama through the RSS Feeder or by email.

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